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What people are saying:

Your authenticity is refreshing and rare these days. Keep up the excellent witness. You are radiant in Him! 

- Lori Ray


I am so impressed with the insight shown by one so young. Sure to be the work of the Holy Spirit.



I love this book! It's exciting to be challenged to come up higher with each chapter. Notes For The Goats is going to bless many. 



This is an awesome book and I will forever treasure it. May God continue to bless you and others through this book and the many more books you will be writing.



This book will bless you, one minute it will make you laugh, the next minute you will wipe tears from your eyes, The Lord is truly speaking throughout these pages.



Amber, I am reading your book, and it is really good. It is really talking to me. Thanks for writing it!

- Sheila


 Your book is REALLY full of wisdom & incredible intelligence! I am absorbing the truths & observations that The Holy Spirit has generously shown & (sewn) through you Amber Rose!!! I am so proud of you & honored to be your friend​

- Krystal 


It took everything in my power to put it down last night and go to bed! I'm so excited to continue reading it. I even read it out loud to my husband. It's perfect for before our prayer time. It's really helping me stop and observe my surroundings. Thank you!

         - Holly



"Your encouraging words and timely scriptures have brightened my day. You have so much talent. Your gentle spirit comes through. It is clear that you are guided by the Holy Spirit when you write."

- Gail



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