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Online Classes:

     Are you a writer? Have you put your heart and soul into writing a book, but aren’t sure of the next steps? Do you feel stuck while exploring your options and seeking a major book deal?

    Have you considered self-publishing?

    Often, as writers we get stuck pushing one book. We are so focused on this one project we neglect the other books living within us. Publishing your book will free up creative space within you and empower you to begin your next project.

      Thanks to social media you can successfully self-publish and share your books with the world while waiting for the next open door. Some authors find self-publishing to be satisfying and profitable and do not seek mainstream publishing. The choice is yours!

     Would you self-publish if you knew how? My classes will make publishing your book easy and exciting.

    Discover your audience and build a following!

Independent-Publishing made easy: 

-Learn how to create a website

-Learn how to build a Twitter following

-Learn how to create a Facebook page

-Learn how to make a Facebook cover photo for your platform

-Learn how to create ads and drive traffic to your platform

-Learn how to design and organize the interior files of your hard copy

-Learn how to purchase ISBNs and how to use them (optional)

-Learn how to design a unique book cover

-Learn how to format your book for Kindle

-Learn how to upload your files and go through the proofing phase

-Learn about different publishing platforms (pros & cons)

-Learn why print-on-demand will save you money and space

-Learn about "vanity publishing" and  why you shouldn't pay thousands to publish your book


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